Photo taken from far away.
Photo taken close up.
Photo taken with camera screen in a vertical (or landscape) position.
Photo taken with camera screen in a horizontal (or portrait) position.
Camera position is important for slide shows.
I made this diagram for my clients who have a slideshow on their website, to help explain why some photos look better than others once they are placed into a slideshow. It all has to do with the position of your camera when taking your photos. Photos will always fill into the slideshows shape until the left and right edges of the photo meet the horizontal frame. Then the photo can be adjusted up or down to best fit the photo subject in the frame. Please do not crop your photos before sending them to me, so I have the flexibility to crop them myself if needed. If this is too much information, just follow these simple rules for a nice professional look, and I will take care of the rest!
Slideshow Photo Tips
Shown below are the results when using these different camera positions. As you can see, these small changes make a big difference in the way your slideshow or banner photos look on your website.
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